My “People-Pleasing” Story

Speaker | ICBCH Board Certified Hypnotist | Authority & Confidence Coach

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been to multiple therapists like I have, taken lots of anti-depressants and anxiety drugs, read a bunch of personal development books, watched YouTube tutorials, tried meditations, and find you’re not really experiencing changes. Nothing’s sticking. Your relationships still suck, you can’t trust yourself, you’re unfulfilled at your job, and are just confused about life in general. 

That’s where I was right before I discovered the truth. The true path to personal development and empowerment. Not just sitting around thinking and feeling bad about myself, but actually learning how to take charge of my life.  Over my habits, reactions, thoughts, behaviors, and ultimately, the results I was getting back

I grew up with a very terrifying childhood. My family was full of toxicity and narcissism that spread into and shaped my beliefs, habits, and relationships with others. Including myself.  I hadn’t slept well my entire life, was hyper-vigilant about other’s reactions to me, and my self-esteem and confidence was in the gutter. I carried so much guilt and shame that I couldn’t even make eye contact with strangers.

I was the ultimate People-Pleaser.

I spent my entire life up until my 30’s making sure everyone else was taken care of, happy, and comfortable. Throwing my own to the backseat. And I wondered why I was so unhappy. I felt like I wasn’t allowed be a priority or say “no”. And because of this, I struggled in my family, my intimate relationships, with my eating habits, sleep, and it even seeped into my business..

At some point I realized something. That this actually WASN’T healthy. Even though it felt very normal. I realized people had been playing games with my heart, taking advantage of my good nature, and nobody was giving in return everything I was giving out. And when I realized that, everything changed

I worked relentlessly night and day to turn off the fake smiling, the needy energy, the hyper-vigilance, fear of what others thought about me, and in the end, found my inner-authority and skyrocketed my confidence to insane levels. Levels I never thought possible. But it wasn’t because of years of therapy. It was because I discovered the secret to true “rewiring” of the subconscious. I discovered how to quickly turn off what I didn’t want, and active the states and emotions I did want.

I learned how to reprogram my reactions to situations permanently, which created new results I never thought possible. With my health, relationships, confidence, and in my career. Now I lead myself and show others how to stop people-pleasing and start standing out to attract the attention you want, the money you deserve, and the respect you crave. And all because I discovered hypnosis. 

I have now spent almost 10 years mastering the art of hypnosis. The people I work with are motivated, impact-driven, ambitious, and like myself, have no time to waste with the life we all have. And that is why I have studied and been trained in the most modern and up-to-date techniques that set my clients free from past trauma in mere seconds and minutes.

And I’m so excited to be able to share it with you and the rest of the world. Regardless of what anyone says, you deserve to be happy, protected, cherished, and fulfilled. Let’s do it together..


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