If you struggle with social anxiety or anxiety when it comes to love, chances are you question your value in society and within yourself. You ask questions like “Am I good enough?”, “smart enough?”, “cool enough”, “skinny enough”, “fun enough”, “pretty enough”, etc. And because we are always in a state of questioning, others also pick our insecurity and we end up attracting the exact thing we fear most. Sound familiar?

Have you ever feared that a relationship would end because you weren’t good enough in some way? And then it did? So what is actually going on here that we keep attracting the very thing we don’t want?

In tomorrow’s live we are going to dive deep into, and resolve where this questioning comes from, why it happens, and how to shut off the anxiety that keeps us feeling like we are never enough. Good enough for the love that we want, or for the money that we want. Learn the very insights that set me free from this cycle forever.

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