Fear Public Speaking, Sales Calls, or Just Anxiety in Your Business?
What if you could begin to present yourself in a way where you captivated the room when doing public speaking?

In a way where people are magnetized to your every word and waiting for what you are going to say next.

Or felt so confident on sales calls that prospects are ready and excited to work with you by the end of the call?

If you have always struggled with confidence, it can feel daunting when it comes to talking to prospects about money on a sales call or speaking from your heart in front of a room full of people…

How does hypnosis help eliminate anxiety and fear?
Often times if we are struggling with anxiety and fear, it can feel debilitating and keep us from doing the amazing things we want to do so we can accelerate our business and our lives. And if you aren’t connected or know how to work with your subconscious, it can feel like an uphill battle to get ourselves doing the things we really want to do. Hypnosis has been proven effective to help with:

  • Focused attention
  • Discover natural motivation to move forward
  • Greater physical and emotional control
  • Less self-consciousness
  • Turn on confidence and turn off anxiety like a switch
  • Break through mindset barriers quickly 
  • Relax and release stress in minutes
  • And much, much more.

How does hypnosis help relieve anxiety?
Let’s say you have a fear of flying. During a hypnosis session, the hypnotist can give you what’s known as a “posthypnotic suggestion” while you’re in a state of trance.
In this dreamlike state, the mind becomes more open to suggestion. This allows the hypnotist to suggest to you how easily confident you will be the next time you sit on a plane.
Because of the relaxed state you’re in, it can be easier to avoid escalating any anxiety symptoms you may feel, such as:

  • a feeling of impending doom
  • shortness of breath
  • increased heart rate
  • muscle tension
  • irritability
  • nervous stomach

The Subconscious Mind’s Role in Anxiety
Our minds are powerful and complex. But what we don’t often recognize: Our rational, critical thinking minds aren’t often in control. The rational mind takes a back seat to the subconscious.
The subconscious mind informs and influences many of our thoughts. For example, when you feel cold, your body reacts to the stimuli, say a cold breeze.
That stimuli essentially signals the brain to ask what it’s feeling. In other words, we don’t consciously think: “I feel cold.” Instead, that thought is created automatically, by the subconscious, and it’s based on our entire life experience – i.e. what we’ve learned, our past experiences with cold, etc.

When anxiety controls our lives, it’s a lot like that automatic feeling of cold. We experience a stimulus – say, a social situation – that triggers an automatic response, the fear and panic and ultimately anxiety. Traditional therapeutic techniques tend to provide strategies for managing these automatic thoughts. We might learn to control the fear, for example, but they still exist. And that’s why many traditional treatments fail. The fear and panic – the root causes of your anxiety still exist.
With hypnosis, you can begin to remove the information in your subconscious that’s telling you to feel fear and panic in certain situations.

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