What exactly is “mindfulness”?

How exactly do I become more “mindful”?

What are the benefits to practicing being more mindful?

Perhaps you are asking yourself these questions…The word “mindfulness” is everywhere nowadays. On signs, all health magazine covers, social media, Meditation apps, advertising, all over the place… But what does “mindfulness” actually imply? What does it mean to be “mindful” And what are the true benefits of a proper mindfulness practice? What becomes available to you when you are in a more mindful place?
Imagine if you could CHOOSE the way you want to feel? What if you could shut off that anxiety or negative inner-critic the moment it arises? Like a button.

What a TRUE mindfulness practice can help us achieve, is the ability to dissociate and separate ourselves from our thoughts, feelings, triggers, and experiences so you are easily able to shut off any unwanted or unresourceful thoughts or emotions. And at any time. And so you can literally, rewire yourself in the moment to behave or act in a way that feels better to you. In a way that you would be proud of.
In this week’s video, I cover the pitfalls most people fall in to when it comes to proper mindfulness practice. And how you can quickly shift into the present moment to be more grounded, in control, and at ease.