One of the most common questions I get is, how in the world did I get into hypnosis?

It was about ten days after Christmas when I found myself being hauled away by an ambulance to the hospital. It was about two months after my most recent bodybuilding competition and I found myself collapsing to the floor with a blood sugar level of forty. It was that night I experienced my first ever panic attack. And it took me three months and seven orthopedic doctors to find out.

From that night onward I was experiencing tremors, dizziness, tunnel vision, and lightheadedness on a constant basis. I saw cognitive behavior therapists, talk therapists, psychiatrists, meditated, tried breathing exercises, read books, and did everything I could to try to control them. And I find that the clients that I see for anxiety, are all in this exact place.

By the time they get to me, they’re on antidepressants, anxiety drugs, prescriptions for focus, and all kinds of unnecessary drugs. I feel like by the time people discover hypnosis, they are so reliant on drugs that they have forgotten what it’s like to feel feelings like anxiety and fear. I was feeling numb to life on the highest dose of Prozac, not caring about anything. Not caring about getting up for work, who was in or not in my life, where I was going or spending my time. Just a complete change in personality. And it was about three months after the first panic attack that I had one miraculous thought. That “there has got to be another way”. That there were people out in the world who weren’t suffering from anxiety and panic like I was. I just like I thought before I decided to change my health, I knew that I could be like those people who weren’t drugged up on anxiety drugs. I was determined to find out what it was I was missing so that I could feel “normal” again.

It was then I did a google search for “anxiety help dc” and came upon a hypnotist website in Silver Spring Maryland. I went in with skepticism like everyone comes to me with. Asking myself questions like “Is this really going to work?”. And “What if it doesn’t work and I just wasted $300?” But it was that kind of openness and curiosity that led me into a different world altogether. A world where wounds are healed at the core and I was more powerful than my anxiety and panic attacks.

I even left the first session wondering if anything had changed. But eventually, I learned that everything I was doing was hypnosis. And how I was being hypnotized by everyone else! In fact, anything that has influence over you, has you “hypnotized”. Any sort of mental conditioning, self-affirmations, chanting, prayer, or form of influence is hypnosis.

If you’ve ever found yourself driving down the highway and suddenly realized you missed your exit, its because you were in a “trance”. Or a place of focus. Even being in a conversation is a light state of trance. Any time you let your subconscious take over, the automatic part of you, you are considered to be in “hypnosis”.

So what have you hypnotized yourself to believe about yourself? About the world? About what you think others think about you? Overcoming anxiety at its core is not about being on the right about of antidepressants. Or about having a different sort of crutch. Or about distracting yourself with positive self-talk or affirmations. In order to get to the root core of your anxiety or panic, you must connect to it at the moment. And remember that your central nervous system is in overdrive and that there is nothing you need to run from. Then by reminding yourself that you are stronger than your anxiety. Then after deciding that you don’t need to be anxious, taking control and not push it away but feel it. Thanking it for being there. And “resetting” your body. And it was through hypnosis, I was able to realize that I had complete control over how I felt at any given moment. No matter how strong or powerful the emotions were. I always had a choice.