As a Life-Coach, Millicent struggled with her need to please everyone else and eventually found her confidence when it came to saying “NO”

Erick stopped people-pleasing and doubled his rates and his income!

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I came in today to discuss with Lydia some anxiety and social issues that I sometimes have problems but Lydia made me feel like I could live my best self. I felt an immediate difference in the way I felt and had better feelings about myself afterwards and definitely would see Lydia again!
–  Chris B.

Build Yourself Inside is a huge blessing to me. Lydia guides me every session to using different techniques to better myself and to open myself to no one else but me. I lacked a lot of confidence and enrolled in these sessions, initially to up my dating game, improve my social life, and improve my looks to feel better about myself. But as these sessions went on, I realized that this was not what I needed in my life, and that there was more to it than just what was around me. I am now on the path of aiding myself and giving myself the peace I so rightfully deserve, and Lydia’s hypnotherapy sessions have helped so much. It’s a long path and one that requires a lot of determination, but anyone who wants to better take care of themselves will want Lydia’s help.”  
–  Daniel T.

Lydia is incredible!  Every session I’ve had with her has given me incredible immediate results! I am so thankful to have found her. She’s helped me tremendously with my new career path, as well as my confidence and dating life! I highly recommend her!”  
–  Jennifer B.

My session here at Build Yourself Inside was my very first time trying hypnotherapy. Giving myself the opportunity to try a hypnotherapy session has been a valuable one, and it’s a powerful tool of self-healing. Lydia is very insightful and genuinely cares about her clients. I would definitely recommend her.”
–  Seth K.

Hey Lydia, I just wanted to say thank you for all the times we met up. You met me during a difficult time when the world I knew was crumbling around me, all the while trying to understand what was happening to me. Gave me lots to think about and improve on, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have started a workout routine, am eating healthier (dropped from 170lbs to about 155lbs), moved to a new place, will soon start working on continuing my education and got some new clothes. Everyday I gain more perspective on my way of thinking and behaving and am more positive about everything. I actually have a smile on my face more often. It continues to be a struggle but i’m moving on improving or changing every aspect of my life. I am great full for the coaching even though it was hard as hell to implement and execute, but i finally feel like i’m moving in the right direction.”
–  Claudio C.

Full disclosure – I’m a huge skeptic of hypnosis and the whole self-help industry as a whole. But I had some things I needed resolved that were holding me back, and a friend who worked with Lydia at Build Yourself Inside said I wouldn’t regret it. So I gave it a shot figuring it would be a one and done deal. It was nothing like I expected – in a good way. Lydia was extremely personable, but didn’t wave any feel-good platitudes in my face. Instead, we got right to work and asked the tough questions. In the process, I unearthed some things that I never thought I could face and found a completely new way of approaching them through a hypnotic transformation. I feel 1,000 lbs lighter. This really, really works. I don’t believe in miracle workers, but Lydia is as close as it gets. Worth every minute and every penny.”
–  Geoff W. CEO, Winning Wit

“Working with Lydia helped me get over my work out “Roadblock” . She’s is extremely professional and really puts her whole self into the work she does. Thanks to her I have more energy, more confidence and a better outlook on working out!! Would highly recommend!.”

–  Ari, Founder Reel N Motion