Feeling Like A Fraud & You Might Be Found Out? Imposter syndrome refers to people, often women and high achievers, who doubt their accomplishments or fear being discovered as a fraud. This can even affect us in the workplace and professionally. Sound familiar? Imposter feelings represent a conflict between your own self-perception and the way others perceive you. Even as others praise your talents, you write off your successes to timing and good luck. You don’t see what is great about you. You don’t believe you earned your own merits, and you fear others will eventually realize the same thing… The work you put in can keep the cycle going. Your further accomplishments don’t reassure you — you consider them nothing more than the product of your efforts to maintain the “illusion” of your success. Any recognition you earn? You call it sympathy or pity. And despite linking your accomplishments to chance, you take on all the blame for any mistakes you make. Over time, this can fuel a cycle of anxiety, depression, and guilt. If you’re ready to end this cycle, then tune in today to…

Discover How To:

✅ Stop second guessing yourself and your worth

✅ Eliminate pressure of needing to be perfect

✅ How to find strength in your weaknesses

✅ Eliminate guilt and shame around being your true self

✅ Stop underselling yourself and get what you desire

✅ Get others to see your worth and value

✅ Speak to others like you are worth it

✅ Show up with congruency so others believe you as well